Blyth Green Camping Proposal

A proposal to reinstate the unused camping site in South Newsham. Ideally situated on the outskirts of Blyth within easy reach of the beach and local amenities.

Visitors who wish to camp on the South East Northumberland coastline have no options within 30 miles North of the river Tyne.

Visitors to Blyth have very minimal options for accommodation. Only the Commissioners Quay and one or two B&B locations offer rooms.

A camp site would offer great affordable options for visitors to the area or tourists passing through on their way North.

To create a location which offers a  sustainable approach to camping, providing a greener, more environmentally-friendly style of camping experience.

With plans to use the existing layout and borders to create a secluded, sheltered camping experience.

To create a spacious camping area for approximately 40 standard sized tents and 12 larger tent spaces, mainly around the perimeter. Providing landscape sustainability while maintaining opportunities for wildlife.

Onsite reception log cabin to provide guests with basic provisions and information about the area. Toilets/washrooms/showers to be environmentally friendly (possibly composting toilets) Electricity supply may be solar or wind turbine.

Waste recycle points. Designated play field area.

The following photographs were taken very recently and show the various areas of the camp site. The area has been unused for many years but could provide a great opportunity to create an excellent camping facility for Blyth.

The area would remain exactly as it is with the same amount of trees, shrubs and green land